Grass Cutting Lawn Service
Spring Is Here. Call for a price on grass cutting. BEST Summer 2017 PRICES. Allways Free Estimates.

Current new Phone number: 772 224-4586
Grass Cutting, Includes, String trimming (weed eating) up close around obstacles, Grass trimmed up close to trees under cars, boat trailers etc. Any mess I make on driveway or sidewalk will be blown off if possible. Driveway Sidewalk edged.

Paul Slocomb truck Paul Slocomb


Pictures hanging, Pressure Cleaning, etc.. Call me to see if i can help you.


New Trees and Plants. Plus can I can Re sod your lawn.

Hurricane Prepared

Be ready for a hurricane before you are under a hurricane watch or warning. Having trees cut trimmed before a hurricane warning or watch. Do not cut trees a few days before a storm. These tree limbs if you place them on the side of road for trash pick up, and the trash pick up gets canceled because of a storm warning. They can become a flying hazard to you and your neighbors if a storm comes. Tree trimming should be done prior, to possible storms forecasted to arrive near your area. Not when one is scheduled to be arriving. It is also always a good idea to be prepared in all other areas of hurricane prepared-ness as well.

Tree Cutting

I do Tree cutting nothing that requires a bucket truck. Do you have a tree that needs trimming call me to see if I can do it.